Want to confirm our security certificate (SSL)? Just click the button above to see the latest status.

Keep getting an unconfirmed certificate warning in your browser? We have a new certificate and site that is a small fish in a large ocean of e-commerce.  They just don't know us and in turn are just giving you a head's up.  It is normal but we are a secure site.  

Security, will I have it online?

Yes, there are two proofs of security. One is the padlock image at lower right of your screen. The other is the group of letters, "https", in our web address (top of your screen). The letter "s" in https stands for "secure". Note that "https" will not necessarily show up until you are prompted to enter your credit card information.

In general, it is best not to store your credit card information on any site.  While Target may have hit the news, many major companies including Nordstrom, Walmart, etc were compromised in similar ways around the same time period.  If your information is not there, it cannot be stolen.  With this in mind, we do not store credit card information.  

Giving your card online vs. in person:  The majority of credit card fraud is done by employees. The cumulative small fraud of thousands of employees makes up the bulk of credit card fraud.  While the big scams hit the news and media, they are not the biggest threat. In general it is actually safer to use a secured computer interface where employees can only see the last 4-digits of your card.  

Good practices to follow on any website:

  • Never share your account information with other people.
  • Do not use a common, easily guessable, or a password you use with other accounts, especially if you have payment information stored on your account. People would then be able to change your email and ship to other addresses using your account.
  • Convenience always comes at a price. Minimize how much information you store on any site. While we never share any information and will even remove sensitive information when you are inactive, many companies make part of their income by farming information. Low prices from some companies are subsidized by this information farming. If thy don't have your information, it can't be abused.
  • Make sure to log off every website you logged into on a public computer just to be sure in case the cookies are not fully cleared by the main log off from the computer.  
  • Cell phones and wi-fi are less secure than landline phones and cabled internet because the transmissions can be intercepted. If you have the option, try to use the physical connections.