Barbara Peterson founded her first company as a collector-turned-dealer.  Like so many others, she generated money by selling some of her Barbie items.  Those items were so few (some Bubble Cut Barbies and a few fashions) they did not even fill half of a table at a local doll show. 

Her first business, La Mode Passee, was started in the 1980's with an inventory that reflected the three main areas of her collection: First were her antique dolls, mainly French, from the 1880's, then were the mid-century and highly addictive hard plastic dolls in original clothing.  Finally, were the early Barbie dolls and fashions which came to take over the doll world with a vengeance.  It was also then that the Barbie doll took over Barbara's business. It continued to grow until it included, at its peek, the largest, monthly Barbie doll show in the country.  Its long line of collectors waiting to shop the tables of dealers who came from around the country wrapped around the building at the Disneyland Hotel .

that came to reflect American fashion from the 1950's to present.  Using knowledge gained over the years, she now maintains a highly rich offering of vintage Barbie dolls and accessories as well as other dolls.  This small business began with a modest list of dolls and accessories mailed to collectors (print only, no photos).  But the Barbies and clothes disappeared fast.  At the same time she started the long running (20 years plus) Barbie doll shows in Southern California.

  Years later she and a small group are focused on two things: 1) Keep expanding inventory to the highest level, and 2) Continue to provide a top notch website with features most important to collectors such the best possible security and easy checkout. 

Dressing dollies since 1985.   The business grew with shows and expanded into simple black and white text catalogues with no pictures.  Our first website went live in 2002 as a simple html based clunky shopping cart.  

Feel free to call us Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM through 5:00PM PDT.