1993 Disney Silken Flame Barbie porcelain doll

Price: $250.00
You will receive a new, never opened doll rather than the one pictured.

This version includes:
  • Blond hair
  • Shoulder sash "Disney World Silken Flame Barbie"
  • Mickey Mouse version of the convention pin (rather than the teddy bear)
  • Certificate of Authenticity
We paid $250 for these originally and they have been kept in a dark, air conditioned, moisture controlled environment. I'm sorry but we will not be taking offers for these.

While these are marked as limited to 400, this was during the reign of a very dishonest CEO padding her resume. We are certain that there at least 1200 but suspect 2000 made instead of the claimed 400. Between our initial purchase and Bob Gardner's, we had 3 of the exact same number. This overproduction and dishonesty contributes to a lot of why Barbie prices from that CEO's era are so suppressed.

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