Gone with the Wind - Elise - Scarlett In Pink

Price: $1,350.00

Condition: Near Mint (NM)

16"; Rare;
  • Face: Perfect paint with no skips or rubs
  • Hair: In long, dark, soft curls with no fly-aways
  • Body: All original; She is all hard plastic but for vinyl arms. Stringing in arms is loose. Fully jointed including ankles allowing spike as well as regular heels; 
  • Gown: Skirt cut is dramatically full; Original floral and satin ribbon trim
  • Garment tag: "Elise"
  • Hat: Classic Alexander it is rich with high quality floral trim; Pink satin ties;
  • Black Heels: Black heels were correct with this set, but it is unknown if these are the original?
  • Undergarments: Original; Full length, white petticoat; Pantaloons: White, lace trimmed
This superb image of Tara's finest will always be a favorite.