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Price: $5.00
This product qualifies for quantity discount pricing.(what's this?)

Dollpac Boxes

Please allow for delays in shipping. is the original producer of these boxes.  
Made in the USA.

Total Quantity of Boxes (any combination):  Discount:
10-24 --
25-49 11%
50-99 20%
100+ 25%
  • We only accept a minimum order of 10 Boxes please
Shipping Notice: Custom box orders are custom packed to get you the best price possible. Our website will not calculate your shipping cost properly on its own unless you choose a prepack. We will email you a shipping quote after we pack your order and either charge or refund you the difference paid.  Cart shipping quote is not final price for this product.

Want to save on shipping? Order different sizes together so we can nest them inside each other and keep the box from hitting dimensional weight and/or balloon/oversize charges. For example, you still get the 25 box quantity discount if you order 13 - 12 3/4" Ken doll boxes and 12 - 12" Barbie doll boxes but the box volume size will be practically half of ordering just 25 of either size leading to saved costs in shipping.

Please note the prepacks' shipping are correct for that type so if you are only ordering those quantities, those are the accurate shipping costs that you will be charged.