2012 Barbie Convention The Grand Tour with Barbie is Eternal doll

Price: $600.00
There were many souvenirs from The Grand Tour to be enjoyed.  This amazing set includes:
  • Barbie Is Eternal convention doll signed by her artists Gianni Grossi and Mario Paglino
  • Passport to Pink Barbie doll
  • Paris Fashion
  • St Petersburg Fashion
  • The Grand Tour Souvenir Book
  • Haute Doll August 2012
  • Passport Book with 6 pins
  • Barbie Steamer Trunk with 3 hangers
  • Life-sized Barbie blue and white flight bag
  • Barbie and Me shoe-print shoe bags for you and your doll complete with a pair of black Barbie heels
Please see the large photograph for images of everything listed.