22" Bru Jne R

Price: $4,780.00
This 1890's Bru Jne R, as marked on head, at the time, was the expensive, mechanical version. 
  • Blond human hair wig, blue sleep eyes, and an open mouth with teeth.  
  • The multi-stroke brows and lashes, and the highlighted lip paint, show the more delicate hand of an earlier production.
  • Creamy bisque without the heavy speckling, again as found in others.
  • Dress and shoes are not old, but pantaloons and socks are.
  • Body: Composition (original finish) with wood arms and legs, jointed wrists.
  • Advertised as the "Bebe Mechanique", she is: a kiss throwing, head turning, walking, talking "Bebe" (child) by the Bru company.
  • Today she still does a little of each:
    • When you move feet back and forth, her head turns.
    • She cries when legs move.
  • The kiss throw is done using two strings which look old but I doubt are original. It is too tricky to say she still does it. I don't know this mechanism, or whether it is broken. I just kept failing at getting her to do it until one day when I lifted her: Up went her arm and out flung the "kiss". 
The mechanics she bears may be a little fickle, but the smiles she brings are not.