Security, will I have it online?

Click here to see our Security page.

I forgot my password

Just type in your email address at the log in screen and click the "Request A New Password" and you will automatically receive an email with your temporary password for you to reset to a new one.

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I can't log in.

You cannot anonymously use the same email address more than once. If you wish to be able to log into the site and check order status, shipping status, or anything else, you must actually register. If you have already used your email address and it is not allowing it or saying it is already used, then please email us and we will override you to a registered user status. When we do this you will not be able to see you previous orders as we have to delete and remake your account.

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Our 30-day return policy is your guarantee that you can shop with confidence at Vintage Doll Plaza. Just inform us you would like to return something, then send it back within thirty days from the day you received it. We will promptly credit you, in the manner you paid, upon receipt. Please see Returns for details.

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Can I order by phone?

Yes, absolutely. Call: 714 525-8420. A lot of times people have questions as they finalize their selections. Either way we are glad to take your order anytime we are in the office. If we are not in, we will return your call ASAP. If we don’t call back within 24 business hours, please email or call us again. Our answer machine could have garbled your message.

A note however, whether you place the order online or over the phone, your order will still be placed through this site and therefore will be online.

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Can I pay with a check or money order?

Yes, you can select any form of payment you prefer at checkout: Check, Money Order, Credit Card, or Paypal.

Please make checks and money orders payable to Barbara Peterson.

Our mailing address is:

Barbara Peterson

PO Box 5329

Fullerton, CA 92838

Which credit cards are accepted?

We accept the major credit cards: Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

If you would like to pay with American Express you will have to do so through Paypal.

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Do you have Layaway?

Yes, you are welcome to a layaway. Traditionally, you pay ½ down and ½ in 30 days, but you can make other arrangements like a smaller amount down and a longer layaway period with smaller monthly payments. We just cannot offer a return option with a layaway option.

An alternative should you choose is to use PayPal's "Bill Me Later" option during checkout where you can pay off the amount at your discretion and still preserve a full return policy with us.

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Can I include my doll order in my shipment of doll boxes?

Yes, with an occasional exception, we can do that for you. We only have to adjust your insurance to cover your entire order.  Large and/or particularly delicate dolls and items needing special care we highly recommend shipping separately.

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I'm a CA dealer, can I order for resale tax free?

Yes you can. Just register on our site then email, fax, or mail a copy of your seller's permit to us. Once we have a copy of your permit we will update your account to place your orders tax-free.

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Personal Assistance

We are happy to answer questions and expand information on any specific item. When possible we will give tips and even our personal opinions when requested, especially when deciding between two similar items.

Some dolls, especially during the MOD era are beautiful but their fussy color changes make it so not all outfits are equal on them.  Just ask and we will have a specialist recommend outfits that would bring out the best in a doll we offering.   (Due to the variance in cameras, screens, and lighting we cannot make recommendations for a photographed doll.)

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Will my Barbie collection go up or down in value?

History has shown that the prices of vintage Barbie dolls, on average, just keep going up. A lot of this is based on condition.

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Do you buy dolls from the 80s to present?

We do not purchase modern dolls. We only handle items from as late as 1972 and before including centuries old antiques.

Do you know anyone who does purchase these dolls?

Unfortunately we have no one we can recommend at this time. The best option is most likely ebay or Amazon to sell your items.

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