Red Fantastic - Complete Set

Price: $355.00
Rare, Rare, very Rare.  Shoulder cape (with continuous marabou trim) would be "near mint" but for a fade line at neck opening. Pink closed toe heels are M.

Front view of the gown almost looks near mint because the fading is mainly on the back.  There is a light age mark on side of left breast. It's interesting that the two center back panels have more color loss while the outer back panels are more color saturated. Did light stop its fading at the seams, or were the panels cut from different bolts of this same fabric?

Note: my assistant worked over time to get the camera to show accurately, but when she checked other computer screens each one had different hues and tones. So, as always, it's best to rely on descriptions. 

As has been written, "Red Fantastic" never was red. When I bought it NRFB decades ago it was a very pinkish, coral pink and still is. The set I'm offering here is a lovely pink coral.