Betty the Beautiful Bride with Bing Crosby record - MIB

Price: $335.00
Condition: Near Mint to Mint in Original Box

Rare to find her with every accessory intact, especially the very rare recording by Bing Crosby. Factory wrap, around her legs, was never removed.

  • Circa 1960; 30" tall (with veil)
  • Doll and Fashion: Near Mint to Mint; Rare to find a natural rubber body still soft and pink.
  • Head/Face: Vinyl; Fine skin color retention; Face paint is all original with lots of blush. Note that the paint at upper left lip is a factory irregularity. Even her eye lid paint on her "sleep eyes" shows no handling. Lashes are nice and full.
  • Hair: Rooted, short brunette curls in original set with original hair net
  • Body: Natural rubber still retains its color.
  • Bridal Fashion: Complete; All original; No age spots, not even signs of handling; Crisp and White; This set definitely appears mint
  • Bouquet: All original
  • Wrist Tag: Original factory tag
  • Wall Plaque: NM-M; Cardboard, made to resemble stained glass.
  • Record: Rare recording of "Because" by Bing Crosby; Never Played! You can tell because its center hole has not been punched out; Laminated vinyl; 78 rpm
  • Original Box: Near mint condition; No stains, tears or holes, only signs of light handling over time.
  • This doll is definitely competition quality.
Due to her size and box, her shipping box receives balloon charges by the shipping companies.  We wish we could do something about the shipping prices but we charge what they charge us.