Ken - Vintage - NRFB/MIB (Pair 12 3/4" Box) (EXAMPLE)

Tired of having to handle and open those fragile original boxes?  Here is a solution that both displays and stores your vintage Barbie with her box.  

Required boxes: 
2 - 12 3/4" box

Place the long edges of the boxes together and staple so that the smooth sides of the staples are on the same side.  We recommend at minimum three staples.  Make sure the staples are toward the back of the boxes otherwise they may block the lid.  

Now place the doll in the left box, the lid with the graphics in the center box and the base with accessories in the right box.

Note: We found using tiny baggies such as the small ones that come with our fashion boxes over painted hair Ken dolls helps prevent potential rubbing.