Winnie Walker

Price: $475.00
Condition: Excellent to Near Mint (E-NM)

24" 1954, Hard Plastic, Winnie Walker Doll: E-NM with fine color retention. Fashion: All original, E on average, has several pieces that are: VG, E, or NM.
  • Face paint: Near Mint; All original, full blush and thick lashes
  • Hair: Set appears original and not handled; Unknown if bows are original but they've been in her hair a long time.
  • Body: Near mint, but for surface soil; Walking mechanism works well.
  • Coat: Navy color is blotchy. Collar and cuffs show age.
  • Hat: Navy felt is NM but for the tiniest hole; Ribbon is original but floral trim is not determined.
  • Gloves: Rare; The white cotton also shows age; Well made
  • Dress: Red taffeta; NM but for a couple pressure points/marks in the fabric. 
  • Panties: NM-M; The same red taffeta as dress.
  • Socks: Original; White nylon
  • Shoes: Red velveteen; They also are original to outfit.