Patte Burgess Designs

Price: $5.00
Patte Burgess Designs are hand made outfits for Barbie-sized dolls.  Most of the outfits are lace and sequins and hand made accessories.  Because each outfit is made individually and not mass manufactured, each matching outfit will be a little different in its own unique way.  Each of our Patte Burgess outfits are in mint condition, with the only problems being a loose thread here and there as noted and all easily fixed.  Typical of the Patte Burgess outfits are heels that have been painted over to match their respective outfits.  The paint wears over time and rubs off, but it can easily be reapplied with any acrylic-based paint, or scrubbed off entirely.  The fun part about Patte Burgess designs would have to be the head/hairpieces.  They're definitely a fashion statement for any doll.