Easter Parade

Easter Parade
Mattel #971

  • Polished cotton black sheath dress with apple print (same as Apple Print Sheath)
  • Black faille unlined coat, with big patch pockets accented with self-bows. 
  • Black headband hat is a silk organza bow
  • Black patent clutch bag
  • White graduated "pearl" necklace
  • White "Pearl" earrings
  • Short white tricot gloves.
  • Black open-toe heel shoes

  1. Note that the only difference between the "Apple Print Sheath" dress and the "Easter Parade" dress is that the former has a label while the latter does not. The "Easter Parade" coat carries the label; Mattel never labeled more than one garment in each outfit. 
  2. It ought be mentioned that this very popular sheath dress is of a fabric that has certain characteristics original to its printing, or inherent in its manufacture, that can be misunderstood as flaws that should decrease its value. For instance, the coloring of some "apples" may be skewed and some incomplete, or there may be very thin random lines. While imperfections natural to this fabric may not decrease value, if you have an example that is perfectly factory-flaw free, it may have a higher appraisal
Easter Parade - Dress
Easter Parade - Dress
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